Leiria’s lab in Portugal focuses on the industrial, tourism and health sectors is working

The Lab in LEIRIA (Portugal) focuses its activity on three main areas: INDUSTRIAL, TOURISM and HEALTH.

They’ve launched the digital game Veggies4MyHeart on the Play Store and App Store. This SERIOUS GAME FOR HEALTH is targeted for PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN and aims to encourage them to eat more vegetables from an early age, since Cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of death in Portugal and in other countries. The game has already been tested in schools and its effectiveness has been proven – children have started to eat more vegetables after experience the game. Game available in Portuguese and French, hoping to get more languages in future updates.

Mentored by a team of health experts led by nutritionist Cátia Pontes and designed by a vast team of students from Polytechnic of Leiria, the CIIC and CiTechCare research centers. These centers are collaborating with GameLabsNet, presenting results that may inspire the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in the service of areas as important as HEALTH.