Six laboratories, interconnected, will allow access to solutions, cases and experiences that be tested regardless of location

The GamesLabNet project is the development of a Transnational Network of Video Game and Gamification Technology Demonstration Centres applied to the digital transformation of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises. The Laboratories can be defined as real technology interconnection. The 6 labs are all interconnected and allow access to solutions, cases and experiences that be tested regardless of location. Thus far, the project has been seen to have many benefits for companies in France, Spain and Portugal (where the 6 labs are located). The benefits to enterprises include: company exposure, expansion of the supply value chain, new products and solutions and improvement to the skills of the human team.

The ESTIA Lab is located in Bidart, France. The ESTIA lab focuses its activities on three main sectors: aeronautical and space cluster, digital cluster and health system/ health cluster. Specifically, aimed at SME’s, start-ups and students and its first demonstration to the public will be in September 2021. Similarly to The ESTIA lab, in terms of approach to different sectors is the UC CHAMPOLLION Lab. This Lab, located in France, focuses its main activities on 2 main fields of application: industrial technologies and connected health. Predominantly aimed at SMEs, start-ups and students. Currently, finishing the renovations of a set of rooms which will constitute “the Lab”. The aim is to make it operational by September 2021, and then to open to the public. Contrastingly, PAU another French based Lab, (Pau, France) involved in the project has very different target sectors – focusing on different segments of the retail sector: grocery, fashion/ clothing, beauty and home furnishing. The PAU lab is set to open its doors in June of 2021.

GAIA and CEL / CONETIC are both Labs that are a part of the GamesLabNet Project located in Spain. The first is the GAIA lab which is located in Donostia- San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa (Spain). The dynamics and activities of the new laboratory being opened is focusing on priority sectors such as: the industrial sector, health sector and others including leisure and tourism. Scheduled to officially open in June. Whereas, the laboratory managed by CEL and CONETIC entities based in Madrid (Coslada, Spain) favours the following sectors, highlighting: Industrial, logistics and transport activity. Scheduled to open its doors at the beginning of July 2021.

Finally, the Lab based in Leiria, Portugal managed by the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. This Lab focuses on three main areas: Industrial, Health and Tourism – having many similarities to other Labs such as UC CHAMPOLLION and CEL/CONETIC. The LEIRIA Laboratory is predicted to open in September 2021.

There are a huge amount of positive results from the GAMELabsNET Project including: +750 visitors per year, +300 enterprises formed, 6 Labs and now over 50 companies interacting in the countries previously stated. We would be delighted for any of you to come and visit these unique and innovative laboratories on the day the labs open their doors.