chica joven usando gafas de realidad virtual

The project partners visited the Leiria Lab

“On February 25, the 2nd Transitional Workshop event was held at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal. It had a total of 66 participants, and 52 had been companies, associations on the areas of technology, manufacturing industries, architecture, communication, education, and consulting and startups and SMEs boosters.

It started with a brief introduction of local entities, economic entities, start-ups and SMEs boosters and representatives of Polytechnic of Leiria. Followed by a presentation of “GAMELabsNet 6 Labs 3 – Countries” made by all the partners of the project.

After those presentations, the start up AvatariFy took place and it was possible to get to know their business model in fashion, that uses virtual reality.

Then ower special guest – Didimo presented “Helping to Populate the Metaverse”, a company which focus on humanizing avatars, being able to scan a photo into 3D on 90 seconds.

Subsequently, the 4 simultaneous Workshops made by tech companies began, where it was possible the interaction between technologies and traditional companies. Workshops were next with themes “Augmented and Virtual reality for the Manufacturing Industry”, at Workshop 1 with the companies Glartek, Numix e Appolo; “Mataverse: A New Form of communication”, at Workshop 2 with the companies hivolve, CreativiTIC, Fotokabine and Pac Prod; “3D Modeling and Collaborative Work”, at Workshop 3 with the companies Distrim, ecaptureDtech, Íscar and Gestionet; and also “Training and Simulation VR and AR”; at Workshop 4 with the companies Mimbus, Binary Soul and Hyperfiction.

At the end of the event it was possible to have launch together with all the partners and companies, aiming to bring them closer together in a more inform way.”