11/05/2022 | CCI Pau Béarn | Gamelabs’net transnational workshop

This day will bring together the partners of the European project GAMELabsNET around the technologies of Portugal, Spain and France.
The partners of the programme:

  • CEL / CCI Pau Béarn / Champollion / CONETIC / ESTIA / GAIA / IP Leiria

They will speak about innovation:

They will hold demonstrations:

  • Algo’Tech | Bidart, France | Platform of web and mobile applications without code to answer your digital challenges!
  • Appolo | Artix, France | Improving the decision chain and optimising processes with virtual reality.
  • Arcade VR | Pau, France | Virtual reality room with high-end equipment + tailor-made event services for companies.
  • AvatariFy |Leiria, Portugal | The evolution of e-commerce in the metaverse: creation of a virtual shop for the fashion industry.
  • Berger-Levrault | Limonest, France | Management solutions and performance monitoring tools for citizens, elected officials, health providers, schools, etc.
  • CreativiTIC | Bilbao, Spain | SME specialised in empowering human development through interactive technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality combined with Deep Learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Ecrã Cúbico | Portalegre, Portugal | Consultancy and development in the areas of new technologies and communication.
  • ENVIE | Pau, France | High end 3D virtual tour.
  • Flash Play | France | Start up specialised in animation through different digital communication tools.
  • Fotokabine | Pau, France | Marketing tool that uses the experience of photography to collect data.
  • Game in society | Bidart, France | Design and production agency for fun, beautiful and educational experiences.
  • Hivolve | Porto, Portugal | AR/VR solutions to boost business.
  • MagicalStage | Leiria, Portugal | 3D Configurator.
  • N Concept | Pau, France | Engineering and innovation company specialised in digital and interactive technologies for events.
  • NERLEI – Business Association of Leiria Region | Leiria, Portugal |Provision of services that positively contribute to business results.
  • Practeex | Bordeaux, France | Company specialised in the production of virtual laboratory experiences.
  • Retail VR | Nantes, France | We offer brands and retailers new shopping experiences with unlimited possibilities. Virtual e-commerce solutions, shop staging, in-store activation, virtual showroom.
  • AKKA |Blagnac, France|Specialist in the design and development of digital training solutions in various formats: e-learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality…
  • A NEW STORY | Albi, France|We offer different virtual tour technologies for companies.
  • INNOVAE GROUP|Borja Etxegoena, Leaders developing solutions based on augmented reality and virtual reality for Industry 4.0
  •  ISCAR SOFTWARE| Juan Ibarguren. Development, production and marketing of architectural, 3D and 2D design software
  • NUMIX |Marssac sur Tarn, France|We build innovative training solutions in virtual reality and augmented reality for industry.
  • Virtualware|Basauri. Spain| Industry, Education, Health, Energy. SaaS VR platform to create, manage and deploy content.



9h30 – Plenary session

  • Welcome: Didier La
    porte, Président CCI Pau Béarn
  • Presentation of Gamelab’snet: Gloria Diaz, CONETIC
  • Digital transformation and industry: Nueva Región de Aquitania
  • Digital transformation and innovation: French Tech
  • Digital transformation and tourism: Pau Tourism Office
  • Demonstration of a VR solution: special guest
  • Presentation of th
  • Training and digital twins
  • e Gamelab’snet laboratories: LAB CCI, LAB Champollion, LAB ESTIA, LAB CEL, LAB CONETIC, LAB GAIA, LAB IP Leiria

11h30 –Workshops, demonstrations and networking

  • VA/VR solutions
  • Interactive solutions


14h30 – Visit of the connected shop of the CCI Pau Béarn

16h00 – End of the day


Information and contacts:

Charlotte Bernadet | +33 6 73 70 52 37 | c-bernadet@pau.cci.fr
Céline Le Droumaguet | +33 6 30 85 69 51 | c-ledroumaguet@pau.cci.fr