GAME’s events: Final seminar

On November 8th, the transnational fair of immersive technologies took place, which was attended by public and private entities, universities and companies from Spain, Portugal, France and Latin American countries, and which allowed them to approach these technologies and meet directly the companies that develop them.

After its successful development, the last GameLabsNET seminar began.

The final seminar, entitled “GamelabsNET as a vector of awareness and momentum for the digital transformation of SMEs”, aroused great interest from the attendees.


The seminar was structured in four main blocks:


– Firstly, the institutional opening featured Ramón García, General Director of CEL and Juan Antonio Castrillo, advisor to the City Council of Coslada who were landing the GameLabsNET project and the impact on the city of Coslada.

– Secondly, Raquel Campillo, from GAP, spoke about the impact of the gamelabsnet project on the digital transformation of companies, providing key indicators.

– Then, Xabier Alberdi from GAIA presented the GameLabsNET model to all attendees.

– The final video summarising the achievements and accomplishments of GameLabsNET was shown to all attendees, who were able to understand the entire project in a 10-minute video.


To conclude and to gather the opinions of the agents involved, there was a round table that addressed GameLabsNETas a vector of sensitivity and impulse for the digital transformation of smes.

At this table, we had the special assistance of Leonardo Rodríguez, from the EAN University of Colombia; who, despite being outside the SUDOE territory, enlightened all attendees with his knowledge. The moderator was Pilar González from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and Jesús Garrido from Virtualware and Jorge Benito from Creativitic participated.


The conclusions drawn can be summarised as follows:




– For SMEs, it is an expensive technology nowadays.

– The technology is not expensive in itself; it depends on the ROI.



– New generations are born with technologies, so companies will have to adapt to this need.

– Gamification will be part of the teaching to keep the new generations focused.

– Maintain collaboration between Public Administrations and implement Hackathons.


To sum up, the final seminar was a very interesting opportunity for all attendees, who were able to obtain a transversal vision of the GameLabsNET project and learn first-hand about the work of the actors who have made it possible.