Welcome to the Albi Immersive Lab

The Immersive Lab is a workspace dedicated to the industrial technologies and e-health sectors. It provides demonstration spaces to solution providers. It also allows SMEs to test the available digital tools. Workspaces and a facilitator are available to advise SMEs on the optimal use of these tools and on the training needed for staff to facilitate digital transformation.  


Albi’s Immersive Lab is interconnected with the GAMELabsNET laboratory network. The network makes it possible to present solutions already available in other countries or in other sectors. It also expands the market for solution providers.

What resources does Albi’s Immersive Lab have?

Virtual reality headset (HTC Vive pro, Occulus, Occulus Quest 2)

Augmented Reality Headset (Hololens2)

Workstation and equipment (PC with VR and/or augmented graphics card)

Coworking space

Demonstration space

Research space and feedback



Place de Verdun
81012, Albi
05 63 48 17 17

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